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Day 2: Young Leaders Summit

Community football was the focus on day two of the Cityzens Giving Young Leaders Summit, as participants had the opportunity to enhance their coaching skills.

Supported by City in the Community coaches, the youngsters were tasked with developing a football session that would create social impact, which they will deliver in a session with local primary school children on Wednesday.

Lunch time also provided the leaders with the chance to step outside of their comfort zone as they introduced themselves to Manchester City employees to tell them more about their projects and how they are using football to change lives.

This year we have partnered with Etihad Airways, who flew our global network of community leaders to Manchester so they could take part in the third annual Young Leaders Summit.


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Lokasi Festival Sepakbola di Jakarta!

Kami akan hadir di Oval Atrium Epicentrum Walk

Trophy Tour Manchester City kembali hadir di Indonesia, dan tahun ini kami akan kembali hadir di Jakarta dalam acara Festival Sepakbola!

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City dan SAP mencari pahlawan komunitas

Juara Premier League Manchester City dan mitra jangka panjangnya SAP telah memulai pencarian di seluruh dunia untuk Pahlawan Komunitas Manchester City SAP (#SAPManCityHeroes), dengan tawaran hadiah sekali seumur hidup, dengan yayasan global City beralih ke SAP untuk membantu proyek itu berjalan lebih baik.

City dan SAP mencari pahlawan komunitas

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City bersiap untuk Young Leader Summit keempat

Manchester City are set to host a fourth Young Leaders Summit

Minggu depan, lebih dari 70 pemuda penuh inspirasi dari 18 kota di seluruh dunia akan menjalani pengalaman yang akan merubah hidupnya di Manchester City.

City bersiap untuk Young Leader Summit keempat